September 1997
September 1997


Weight Watchers


September 1998
September 1998

(w - 40)

Karen at goal, January 1999: Karen at goal weight

In September 1997, I joined Weight Watchers. Here's why:

I had gotten to the point where nothing I could put on was flattering; I couldn't camouflage my body to make it look proportional anymore. July 1997

May 1997
I was concerned about how my weight would affect my long-term health.

September 1997
I was ready to deck the next idiot who asked me if I was pregnant. (C'mon, when is that question ever appropriate?)
  My mother told me that this new 1-2-3- Success plan (the Points system) was the best thing she'd ever seen WW come out with
.June 1997


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I lost at an average of one pound a week, and am now forty pounds lighter. I don't give raw numbers, but that's about 22% of my starting weight. It has been exhilarating.

I had three important revelations that helped me make this journey:

You can find out more about the program at the Weight Watchers Web site.

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