"So I was on vacation visiting Hoover Dam when I saw these pop machines, and I got to thinking, 'Hey, this reminds me of security and the public access server!'..."
pop bondage You see, the bars keep people from doing things they shouldn't to the pop machines. But there are holes in the bars in just the right places for people to insert money, select beverages, and retrieve their cold, frosty cans or bottles. What looks a little sinister at first glance actually ensures everyone's satisfaction (unless, of course, they're looking for Diet Rite Kiwi Cola or something)!

How EPA keeps its data safe

"This might not be strictly accurate, but I imagine it looks almost exactly like this at NTSD."

EPA's information needs to be kept very secure.

So EPA uses a mighty firewall to keep its data safe.

It filters the flow of data to prevent leaks, floods, and backflows.

The servers are very powerful. They have to move a lot of data!

The data flows safely out into the great, wide world.
no, it's not a cigarette
The people in the valley below are happy with the data.

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