les gens de baignade
(Continued further / Suite de la suite)

This procedure was working splendidly. No one noticed that the knot securing the bucket on the nylon rope was loosening, until it undid itself altogether and the rope came up empty in Louis-Henri's hands. The bucket was floating away in the Bassin, and sinking as it went!

le seau s'echappe vers le fond

au seau-cours!That's when one courageous (audacious?) soul stripped down to his swimming trunks and went to the rescue of the rapidly sinking bucket. He retrieved it and we continued the filling operation after a more seaworthy knot had been tied. Happily, local law enforcement either didn't notice or overlooked this little swimming excursion.

Louis-Henri lit la proclamation Louis-Henri read the declaration while standing ceremoniously in the waters of the Bassin Louise. Little Thomas came closer to actually swimming in them.

There was a nice write-up in the paper the next day, and I even got quoted, to my delight.

Thomas se baigne dans les eaux de la Bassin Louise

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