The Ration Ticket

Excerpt from the diary of Jules Flegmon.

10 February. -- There's an absurd rumor going around the neighborhood about new austerity measures. In order to ward off shortages and insure a greater output from the laboring element of the population, there will supposedly be executions of non-productive consumers: the elderly, the retired, those of independent means, the unemployed and other non-essential persons. Deep down, I feel that this measure would be quite fair. Just now, out in front, encountered my neighbor Roquenton, that impassioned septuagenarian who last year married a woman of twenty-four. He was sputtering with indignation. "What does age matter," he protested, "since I make my pretty baby happy!" In lofty terms, I advised him to accept the sacrifice of his person for the good of the community with joyful pride.
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