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If you can identify any of the people in these photos, please let us know. (we've got most of them)
Si vous pouvez nous aider à identifier les sujets dans ces photos, veuillez nous envoyer un mot.



Bourdeilles session


Bourdeilles session (Mike)

Four Star Trio

Connor Byrne and Seamus Creagh

Manus & Seamus McGuire

Manus & Seamus McGuire

John Lee, Seamus McGuire & Garry O'Briain

Seamus McGuire

Seamus McGuire

Fintan Vallely & Charlie Piggott

Tom Cussen and Paddy O'Neill

Antaine Ó Faracháin

Lisle concert

"No mushroom picking"

View from Montagrier

Guy, in banjo meditation

banjo conclave

Brendan Larrissey and fiddle students

Matt Cranitch & fiddle students

Damien, Jacques & Fabien

Hammy Hamilton

Jim Armstrong & Hammy Hamilton

Jean-Louis & Marie-Lucille


Matt Cranitch

Matt Cranitch & Seamus Creagh

Seamus Creagh

Josephine Marsh
Philippe Philippe


(more pipers) and Eoin O Riabhaigh (center)

Karen with Matt Cranitch