The Ration Ticket

Excerpt from the diary of Jules Flegmon.

4 July . -- The papers are full of "The Affair of the Tickets". The trafficking in time ration tickets will be the big scandal of the season. Because the rich have been monopolizing life ration tickets, the savings realized on foodstuffs is pretty much nil. What's more, certain cases are arousing a big outcry. There is the story, among others, of the extraordinarily wealthy M. Wadé, who is supposed to have lived between June 30 and July 1 a total of one thousand nine hundred sixty-seven days, that is, a mere five years and four months.

Just met Yves Mironneau, the famous philosopher. He explained to me that each individual lives for billions of years, but that our consciousness only has brief and intermittent glimpses of this infinity, which, juxtaposed, constitute our short existence. He said some far more subtle things, but I didn't understand very much of it. It's true that my mind was elsewhere. I am to see Elisa tomorrow.

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