The Ration Ticket

Excerpt from the diary of Jules Flegmon.

14 April. -- Met Maleffroi in the subway. He explained to me that the reduction decree was beginning to show results. Since the rich were greatly affected by the decree, the black market lost important outlets, and its prices had already fallen considerably. In high places, they hope to put an end to this wound soon. In general, it seems, people are better fed, and Maleffroi pointed out to me that Parisians looked healthier. This observation gave me mixed feelings.

"What is no less appreciable," continued Maleffroi, "is the atmosphere of tranquillity and relief we enjoy in the absence of these newly rationed folks. It makes us realize how much the rich, the jobless, the intellectuals, and the prostitutes can be dangerous in a society where they do nothing but introduce disorder, vain agitation, unrest, and nostalgia for the impossible."

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